Chasys Draw IES


Fantastic draw solution for not experienced users



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If you are frustrated because you don’t know how to use Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro and you have tried to use them a lot of times, don’t worry. Here we present you one tool which is similar in results but easier to use.

Chasys Draw IES includes the classical drawing tools for this kind of software: brush, pencil, geometrical objects, rubber,... Really easy to use and let you create attractive pictures.

But those are not the only tools included. If you use Chasys Draw IES, you will be able to edit your images, resize, eliminate transparency, rotate, flip, change brightness,...

Throughout other interesting options included, you can protect your pictures with passwords or extract icons from libraries and programs.

Chasys Draw IES will give you the opportunity to show that you can use an image editor. From now on your pictures will look better thanks to your abilities.

Some advanced options are disabled, though you can preview them.

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